Research & Development

Most of our development work is the result of requests from our customers, says Ola Blomster, Chief Engineer at Optoskand. We follow the market trends and at the same time we influence those trends by introducing improvements to our products.

Development never stops

Between 10-15 percent of Optoskand's turnover is each year invested in research and development. Some of these resources are used for developing existing products in order to keep up with the development of the customers' products; some are used on development of new Optoskand products.

"We have a laser laboratory here in Gothenburg, which we use mostly for testing assembled products, but also for some development work. For most of our development testing we are however dependent on co-operation with the laser manufacturers that are our customers. They are the ones who have the powerful lasers that we are developing products for."

A test laboratory to meet the future

The R&D department at Optoskand has their own modern test laboratory, equipped with a variety of high-power laser sources. In the lab, future products and production equipment can be developed and tested with high precision.

A company like Optoskand is to a large degree dependent on the competence and skill of the people who work there. In light of this it is not surprising that about a third of the employees have at least one university degree, including a number of PhDs.

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Ola Blomster, Chief Engineer
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