People & Facilities

Optoskand is dependent on the people who work here. In light of this fact it is not surprising that about a third of the Optoskand employees have a university degree, including a number of PhDs. Optoskand is situated in Mölndal, close to Gothenburg, Sweden. We are today 80 employees.

Skilful personnel

The assembly of the fiber optic cables and our other optics components is a precision work that is done mostly by hand. The components are delivered by our carefully selected material suppliers and the quality of the components are controlled at the inspection of delivery. This puts high demands on our personnel's skills and precision. It is a responsibility of great importance, being the heart in our company.

Expanded facilities

During the autumn 2014 Optoskand moved to a new enlarged facility, about five kilometers south of the older premises. The relocation is a step in the Optoskand expansion. With a 1000 m² Class 7 (Class 10 000) clean room, more offices and auxiliary areas the new Optoskand residence enable us to increase capacity and improve our lean production. With this comprehensive move Optoskand will be able to serve a growing interest of our products for a long time to come.

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With high demands on our production personnel's skills and precision.
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