Long-Term Relations

The market for high power fiber optics has its own characteristics. One of them is the necessary matching of a fiber optics system to a laser system. It is a process that involves quite a lot of effort and significant costs for both the supplier and the customer. This means that a long-term relation between supplier and buyer is profitable in many ways for both parties.

Support is not “after sales”

In most businesses the term "support" is closely associated with after sales activities. This is not quite the case when it comes to high power fiber optics. Of course there is also support of the traditional kind in the fiber business; components will break and need repairs and problems of various kinds will have to be sorted out. But the major part of the support activities concerning fiber optic cables and components takes place before the sale. That is when we, as potential supplier, test and adapt our products to make sure that they work properly with customer's products.

"Our main support effort lies before we actually make any sales, and it is more a matter for our development team than for the sales team," admits Magnus Pålsson, Product Line Manager.

R&D team is integrated in pre-sales

Before we receive our first order the development team will have visited the new customer several times to do tests together with the customer and determine which of our products we can offer, as well as if and how they will have to be adapted."

"We believe that close support from the beginning is cost efficient in the long run, and we are fully committed in our efforts to combine our fiber optic products with the laser equipment that our customers manufacture. "

"Of course this type of support will continue throughout our relation with the customer, not least because our customers continue to develop their lasers. This will put new demands on our products, which also will have to be developed more or less continuously. This is what we mean by a long-term relation."

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Magnus Pålsson, Product Line Manager
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