Optoskand AB is working in the field of fiber optic beam delivery of high-power laser radiation for industrial use. The company was formed in 2002 as a spin-off from Permanova Lasersystem AB. However the experience of high-power fiber optic transmission goes back to the early 1980s. Our first patent has a priority date in 1983 and since then a number of patents has been approved.

 Today we can offer durable Fiber Optic Cables as well as Incoupling Optics and Process Optics for fiber optic beam delivery system.

In 2016 Coherent aquires ROFIN-SINAR. Optoskand is now part of the Coherent family.

In 2015 Optoskand reached new heights in terms of net sales by exceeding over 17 million Euros.

In 2014 moving into new and larger facilities. Still located outside Gothenburg.

In 2012 we are celebrating our 10-years anniversary.

In 2010 Optoskand appoints a new managing director, Martin Uddén.  

In 2008 we opened a new development laboratory in our facilities in Gothenburg.

In 2007 Optoskand celebrated its 5-year anniversary by, among other things, moving production to a new classified clean room. 

In 2006 Optoskand delivered high-power fiber optics to 60 customers, making sales for the first time exceed 6 million Euros.

In 2004 ROFIN SINAR acquired 90% of the shares in Optoskand, giving the company financial strength and stamina, while guaranteeing independence and confidentiality for Optoskand to continue its close co-operation with other laser manufacturers.

In 2002 Permanova formed Optoskand as a separate company, to focus on fiber optics products, and the next year the new company delivered fiber systems to seven major laser manufacturers.

In 1995 sales of high-power fiber optics first exceeded 1 million Euros, and six years later, in 2001, sales had quadrupled and exceeded 4 million Euros.

In 1989 the first generation of high-power fiber optics was delivered from Permanova to Rofin-Sinar.

In 1985 Permanova Lasersystem was founded, and within Permanova a lot of what later became Optoskand was developed. Permanova works with materials processing production equipment for manufacturing industries and is still an important customer for Optoskand.

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Optoskand AB is today part of the Coherent Inc. family.
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