Process Optics

170620 EO samling

Our stable process optics components bring your laser beam to the workpiece. The divergent beam coming out from a fiber optic cable is collimated and forwarded to the focusing lens. The system is based on a modular concept with standard products, giving you the highest level of flexibility and performance.


The process optics are divided into different type of optics. There are Collimating Units, Intermediate Optics, Focusing Units and Process Adapters. A complete process head always has a collimating and a focusing unit and normally also a process adapter. By combining the different standard parts, with different focal lengths and functions, complete processing heads can be made for a large number of applications.



  • Plug & play performance
  • High-quality synthetic fused silica optics 
  • Minimum focal shift
  • Preserves beam quality
  • Small outer dimensions
  • Designed for fiber optics
  • Easy to mount
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