Fiber Coupling Unit

The Fiber Coupling Unit (FCU) is an interface between the high power laser source and the fiber optic cable. The collimated beam from the laser is focused inside the FCU into the fiber core. The FCU handles required safety functions and includes sensors for improved supervising. The unit is easily integrated to the laser.


  • Air-cooled (passive)
  • Free space beam input
  • Integrated sensors
  • Control and Safety Electronics
  • CANopen communication

Tech spec

Max. power (CW)  4.5 kW
Focal lengths  50, 60, 70, 85, 100 mm
Max. collimated beam  Ø18 mm (incl. 99% of the beam energy)
Optics material  Synthetic fused silica
AR-coatings  1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm
Fiber interfaces  QBH / RQB / QD / Q5 (LLK-B)

For more information - ask for the manual!

FCU 2015
The FCU is built as a half FFC ac.
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