Incoupling Optics

190911 IO samling

The Optoskand incoupling optics distributes the energy from a laser into one or several process fibers. The system can accept either a free space collimated beam from a laser or a feeding fiber from a fiber laser. It is possible to both time share and energy share a laser source between several work stations. Integrated control and safety electronics guarantee laser safety for the fiber beam delivery.

A more flexible use of the laser beam has been more commonly used together with high power lasers. This development has resulted in a range of incoupling optics that provides more possibilities than ever. This you will find both time and cost efficient.

Time or energy share the laser source

Sometimes one output channel from a laser is not enough. Optoskand offers several solutions for time sharing or energy sharing of the laser source. With different lens configurations available both power and BPP losses can be minimized.

Protect the feeding fiber

Using the feeding fiber from your fiber laser directly to the application can be risky. If the feeding fiber is damaged down-time can be long and therefore costly. Using the Optoskand fiber-to-fiber optic switch or couplers (FFS wc/FFS ac or FFC wc/FFC ac) the feeding fiber is protected by having an exchangeable process fiber.

Certified safety concept

Laser safety is fundamental for all Optoskand incoupling optics. The integrated electronics monitor fiber breakage, cabinet doors, mirror positions, etc. The DGUV-certified safety electronics makes it easier to integrate our components in industries demanding a high safety level.


  • Plug & play adjusted
  • Fiber-to-fiber or free space-to-fiber coupling
  • <45 ms switch time
  • Time or energy share
  • High-quality optics
  • DGUV-certified safety concept
  • Fast Fiber Break Detection (FFBD)
  • Control and Safety Electronics
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