Beam shaping with optical fibers

With square fiber core geometry the fiber optic not only guides the beam, it also transforms the beam shape. Square formed fiber cables are specially aimed for high precision step-and-repeat processes where the square beam shape minimizes the process overlap.

When square fibers are combined with our asymmetric collimating units containing cylindrical lenses the result is a homogeneous rectangular-formed power distribution.

The square formed optical fibers are available as an option for the QBH, RQB and QD in core sizes:
  • 100x100 µm
  • 200x200 µm
  • 400x400 µm
  • 600x600 µm
  • 800x800 µm
  • 1000x1000 µm

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Square Formed Fiber Optics for High Power Applications


Power distribution in focus for the square formed optical fiber
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