SMAQ Fiber Optic Cable

The challenge with high-power fiber optics is not to handle the power within the core, but the power losses outside it. By moving the z-plane for a standard SMA905 forward and using the Optoskand mode stripper technology - the SMAQ fiber is creating a new generation of high-power SMA-fibers.


  • SMA905 mechanical interface
  • Mode stripper
  • Quartz block
  • Pigtail or two connectors
  • Holder with guiding (air-/water-cooled)

Tech Spec


 780-1100 nm
Fiber core dimension

 50-300 µm

 1-10 m
Numerical aperture

Max Power (CW)

 500 W
Transmission losses

 < 3%, typical 1%

Power loss capability
in the connector

 75 W CW outside the core (with water-cooled holder)
 40 W CW outside the core (with air-cooled holder)
Compatible interface

 SMA905 (z-plane moved 25 mm)

For more information - ask for the manual!

Produktbild SMAQ 2015
The Optoskand SMA-fiber connector, based on knowledge obtained from over 30 years in the high-power laser business.
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