RQB Fiber Optic Cable

The RQB fiber has the standard QB interface and is designed with an air-cooled fiber connector, although it is possible to use an external water cooler. The RQB Fiber Optic Cable is perfect for pulsed lasers. Plug and play within 10 µm.


Tech Spec


1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm
Fiber core dimension

SM-1000 µm

5-200 m
Numerical aperture

Max Power (CW)

1.5 kW 
3.0 kW (with external cooler)

Max Peak power

10 kW at 10 ms pulse length
50 kW at 1 ms pulse length
1 MW at 50 ns pulse length
Transmission losses

< 3%, typical 1%
Power loss capability
in the connector

Max. 100 W for 10 s
Max. 50 W for 1 min
Max. 10 W continuously

With external cooler:
Max. 150 W for 10 s
Max. 100 W for 1 min
Max. 50 W continuously

Compatible interface

Trumpf LLK-Q, IPG HLC-8/LC-8

For more information - ask for the manual!

Produktbild RQB 2015
An easy-handled fiber optic cable intended for more moderate power-levels and back-reflection.
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