QBH Fiber Optic Cable

In the industry of high-power fiber lasers the conical QB interface, designed by Optoskand, is established and a well-proven standard. With a compact connector design and efficient water cooling the QBH fiber can handle power levels of up to 10 kW. Plug and play within 10 µm.


Tech Spec 


1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm, 430-480 nm
Fiber core dimension

SM-1000 µm

5-200 m
Numerical aperture

Max Power (CW)

10 kW
Max Peak power
10 kW at 10 ms pulse length
50 kW at 1 ms pulse length
1 MW at 50 ns pulse length
Transmission losses

< 3%, (typical 1%)
Power loss capability
in the connector
2 kW for 10 s
1 kW for 10 min
0.5 kW continuously
Compatible interface

Trumpf LLK-Q, IPG HLC-8/LC-8

For more information – ask for the manual!

QBH 2016
The well-proven QBH Fiber Optic Cable
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