Fiber Optic Cables

191114 Fibersamling

The unsurpassed performances of the Optoskand fiber optic cables make them the most efficient on the market. Thanks to well-developed technology featuring quartz block and mode stripper, the fibers will withstand high-power levels with extremely low power losses.

In order to fulfill your needs for fiber optic cables there is a number of different fiber connector solutions available. Depending on which kind of connector interface wanted, power level and laser type used, we will try to find you the best solution!

Looking for multi-mode fiber optic cables that will withstand high-power levels, you might be interested in the QBH, RQB or QD.

Searching for high quality cabling for single-mode optical fibers, look into the QCS and QCR fiber solution. 


  • Robust design
  • Extreme power loss capability
  • Low transmission losses (1-2%)
  • Plug and play within 10 µm
  • High-reliability safety interlock
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